Client Photography by Jay Carlson

Photography is my passion. It is what excites and inspires me.

When a reporter asked Joanne Magadan (Creative Director) "What is Jay known for?", she replied "He is an extension of an Art Directors creativity. I can say to him these are my thoughts and he'll take it to the next level. It is a collaboration rather than a battle of egos." Together, Joanne and I produced photography that was used to create a new standard for the toy industry and others quickly followed suit. My goal as a photographer is first to listen, then to offer suggestions that capsulate the concepts, and finally to produce dynamic, contemporary images that clearly manifest the goals of the creative teams.

It is my responsibility to know the photographic techniques and the latest technologies while providing the creativity and passion to produce dynamic images. Working together we capture creative concepts, produce memorable and inspirational images that reflect our times, focus the consumer, and provide the photography for successful marketing tools.